Shashank Shekhar, who was lean and had an athletic construct, whereas in college, begun to battle with his weight pick up after he started working a decade prior. “I went through long hours in interest of my desire, without figuring it out that my destitute eating propensities and inactive way of life was taking a toll on my health,” says Shashank, a Noida-based IT professional.

In spite of perceiving that he was heaping on the pounds, the 32-year-old found it difficult to stopped his evening nibble of samosas and bread pakodas. “I would fling eat when browned snacks were served within the office canteen,” says Shashank, who attempted handling his weight pick up on his possess by joining a exercise center and going on crash diets, but saw no results. “I would lose some kilos, as it were to recapture them over the following few months,” he reviews.

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