Your hips are mindful for articulating major development designs like sitting and standing through flexion and expansion. After you sit, your hips are in consistent flexion—meaning, the muscles in your hips (the iliacus and psoas major) are contracted for an expanded period of time. Consistent hip flexion can cause these muscles to fix which places excessive pressure on your joints. This may result in hip torment and confined extend of motion.

Sitting for amplified periods of time can make snugness within the hip flexors as well as the upper and lower back. It too chokes the stomach organs and makes pressure within the shoulders. Performing the sphinx or cobra extend incidentally places your body in an contradicting position and opens up the front of your body.

It’s difficult to accept that something as basic and thoughtless as sitting can have such negative repercussions on our wellbeing and bodies. Gratefully, there are straightforward extends you’ll be able do that can avoid, and in a few cases switch, the side impacts of sitting as well much. Here are 7 straightforward extends for individuals who sit sit all day.

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