In respect of inviting their moment child in 2015, Rachna’s spouse talented her a lovely dress that she was to wear to the celebration. In any case, she was cleared out devastated when she found out that she might not fit into the dress. “I had continuously been on the thin side, and weighed 55 kg when I got hitched back in 2011. But before long after, I started to pick up weight,” says Rachna, who picked up nearly 25 kg post marriage and two pregnancies.

The 27-year-old homemaker from Moga, Punjab, who paid small consideration to her weight pick up over the a long time, says the blessing from her spouse was a wake-up call. “At that minute, I figured it out I had fair permitted myself to swell over 80 kg. I guaranteed my spouse that by our commemoration, I would lose the weight. It was to be my blessing to him,” she reviews, snickering.

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